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Today food has hardly any value. It is available and cheap. But above all it is uprooted from its production and its origin. Many people lack the reference to their own food. Something is on the plate and it is consumed without consciousness. Satiation is what matters and if, moreover, the taste is okay that’s enough for a ‘good’ diet. But what does really feed us? We believe it is vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins that our body needs. Meanwhile we know that there are nutritional values that have a more subtle nature. Demeter considers food to be alive. Its vitality feeds us. Biodynamic preparations and methods provide food with ‚natural‘ energy. Biodynamic farming means being part of an organism, humble towards Mother Earth and respectful to its partners at the farm. Behind every Demeter product stands a person who has committed himself to values and principles. This healthy attitude of Demeter Farmers is the real treasure behind the product. It makes vegetables, fruit and meat precious: Full of love, dedication, courage, dignity, truth and joy.