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Enhancing pre-school education


 Public education in Egypt is free. But this is fool’s gold. It is not uncommon that there are up to 70 students per class. Teachers are underpaid, which forces them to take up a second job and due to the big classes, children have to take extra lessons to pass. The public school buildings and surroundings are often in bad conditions. Proper cleanliness and hygiene is missing. The curricula are often targeting monotonous learning instead of fostering deeper understanding or encouraging independent thinking.

EBDA supports nurseries in the farmers’ communities to provide adequate pre-school experience for babies and young kids. The aim is to strengthen their ability to understand, communicate and learn with different intelligences.


EBDA is not intending to open new nurseries but to develop existing pre-school based on the applied practice from SEKEM nursery, kindergarten, and school. Currently, In Kafr El sheikh around 120 kids are benefitting from this support;  The program starts with a 2-days Training of Teachers (ToT) conducted by experienced teachers from SEKEM nursery and/or school. The training curriculum focuses on different skills that address human development from a holistic perspective. The training contains also effective one-to-one coaching to provide the beneficiaries the capacity to deal adequately with different questions raised by kids and parents and to use education methods including elements of arts, drawings.