Economy of Love (EoL)

Economy of Love (EoL) is a comprehensive certification standard, established by the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA) in 2019. The new standard certifies holistic sustainable supply chains in order to strengthen transparency and collaboration among all stakeholders including the end consumers. The aim is to empower farmers, processing companies, and end consumers to make better-informed decisions that reflect their values and create a positive impact on the environment, individuals, and communities. 

In order to bring full transparency over the production process and its impact, EoL certifies farmers, processors, and distributors according to its criteria, and in the process collects relevant data to communicate to end consumers and stakeholders. 

The certification criteria of Economy of Love reflect the idea of a balanced economy, that aims to nurture people and the environment while maintaining a fair economic system because to create a truly sustainable outcome, we must tackle social injustice, poverty, and lack of education, together with environmental and hence economic challenges. Based on this principle the EoL criteria are equally divided to cover the four following dimensions: 


The empowerment of life-long learning and creative engagement with each other and the community.


The promotion of fair and dignified working conditions in which every individual feels safe and respected.


The fair creation and distribution of value to all stakeholders through a transparent economy that reflects the true costs of products.


The active regeneration of the environment through biodynamic farming, and sustainable production practices.