Social & Cultural Development Projects |Agricultural Projects
  • With ruminant husbandry, diverse crop rotation, targeted cultivation, controlled composting of organic manure and the usage of Biodynamic preparations we vitalize the soil and increase its fertility.
  • Through the use of Biodynamic and holistic breeding methods, we create the conditions for healthy, mellow and beneficial food and weenable animals’ inherent development.

Human Development

  • We follow an interdisciplinary, action-oriented approach in research to continuously develop and improve the Biodynamic methods, food quality and associative economic activity.
  • We foster mutually enriching and open-ended dialogues based on mutual respect. We offer full transparency regarding origin, production, processing and consistency of products to strengthen self-responsibility and free choices of consumers and continuously develop “True Cost Accounting”-methods that consider all external costs of food production and make these real costs understandable.
  • We provide our farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to improve the quality of their work and at the same time stay competitive, and create a corporate culture, which focuses on human beings, their need for individual development, their entrepreneurial behavior and innovative strength.


Economic Value Creation

  • We aspire to use resources for production and consumption in an attentive, sustainable and innovative way towards a closed-value chain economy that makes use of renewable resources and preserves the quality of the products.
  • We cooperate with ecological organizations, civil societies and companies from different industries, which share our goals for a better future in a balance with regional value chains and international trade and offer them appropriate prices for their goods. In case of competition between members, they avoid indecent and adverse dealing with each other.
  • All activities should be done without disproportionately harming or interfering with living organisms with the sustainable, living ecosystem as the highest value.
  • We communicate transparently and provide farmers and consumers with comprehensive and transparent information about the market as well as the background of the production conditions.


Social Relationship

We focus on social development in all rural areas related to Biodynamic, organic and sustainable agriculture, raising awareness about environmental and health issues and to provide a healthier and better life standard.