Empowering Women Economically and Raising their Entrepreneurial Skills

Women’s economic empowerment is a prerequisite for sustainable development and pro-poor growth. Achieving women’s economic empowerment requires sound public policies, a holistic approach and long-term commitment and gender-specific perspectives must be integrated at the design stage of policy and programming.

The planned project was allocated for 50 women in Fayoum by providing pieces of training on small food industries production, selling and marketing their products.

Vision is to create a nucleus of women cluster that would develop in a bigger community and create a good example of group teamwork of women working at the same area that would be replicated with other governorates along Egypt.

Some planned training were exchanged after making verbal assessments according to the women’s actual needs. The training was on oriental sweets, preparing semi-ready vegetables and handicraft packaging and they were exchanged with pickles, concentrated tomatoes and liquid soap. Soft training courses were communicated as planned.

The handouts of the training were in Arabic and they were like manuals with detailed explanations. The handouts were provided in simple Arabic language to fit with the capabilities of women living in the farms.

The women who received the training were satisfied as they have got a hands-on training on the topics they asked for, according to their needs, besides receiving a simplified training manual that would help them later in case to remind themselves or provide the information of other women in their families.

The attendance of the women was punctual and they even asked to make field visits to factories in their area that are working in the fields that they were trained in to get more know-how on the large scale of certain topics such as pickles.