Raising the Awareness of Farmers towards Animal Health

In the context of raising SEKEM farmers’ awareness on animal health, SEKEM in cooperation with the Farmers Development Association (FDA) organized three veterinary convoys in Behira where SEKEM farmers are located in three villages, under the supervision of Alexandria University’s Veterinary Medicine Faculty and other organization for veterinary services at Behira governorate.

The outcome of the activity gave a positive impact on the animal’s health and consequently as well for the socio-economic conditions of the farmers. SEKEM in coordination with the local governmental and veterinary services organizations is ensuring a regular follow up. Convoys also have a positive impact on veterinary faculty students and their research. Students are able to accredit their participation in the program as required internships. The practical experience from on-site visits under the supervision of their professors and teacher assistants were considered very valuable.

During this program, SEKEM targeted 53 farmers in 3 villages (Mokhtar, Hager and Kom Aziza) and treated 600 cattle and buffalo in addition to 380 sheep.