Vision & Mission

Our Vision for Egypt 2057

Biodynamic, sustainable and organic agriculture are the mainstream agricultural

methods in Egypt


Our Mission

EBDA and the agricultural faculty of Heliopolis University developed the model of

the future which will be disseminated in Egypt (including seeds and Biodynamic

preparations) by providing:

– Training courses in Biodynamic agriculture for farmers, consumers,

engineers and government staff. Courses cover all aspects of the

agricultural value chain, sustainable water management, renewable energy,

carbon positive agriculture, Biodiversity and the human centered economy

(true cost accounting and economy of love)

– All required services, consultancy, farm management, documentation etc.

to enable the Biodynamic and organic farms to be inspected by

international auditors

– Applied field research projects in the field of Biodynamic agriculture

– Cooperation with the international authorities and organizations working in

the similar fields

– Administrating the private trademark Demeter for Biodynamic products in