Vision & Mission

Who We Are | Vision & Mission

Our Vision for Egypt 2057

Biodynamic, sustainable and organic agriculture are the mainstream agricultural methods in Egypt to foster healthy environment and healthy people.

Our Mission

Demeter Egypt (EBDA) and the agricultural faculty of Heliopolis University developed the model of the future which will be disseminated in Egypt through:

  • Providing training courses, capacity building and awareness raising for farmers, consultants, extension and field engineers, consumers  and other related stakeholders.
  • Courses cover all aspects of the agriculture value chain, sustainable water management, renewable energy, carbon positive agriculture, biodiversity and the human centered economy ” True Costing” and “Economy Of Love “.
  • Providing extension services to farmers and processors.
  • Providing farmers with organic seeds, organic fertilizers, organic pest control agents and predators, as well as biodynamic preparations and the biodynamic planting calendar.
  • Enabling farmers to get organic and Demeter certification.
  • Linking farmers and market’s needs to research institutions.
  • Improving marketing possibilities for organic products from Egypt on the national and international market.
  • Administrating the private trademark Demeter for biodynamic products in Egypt.
  • Enhancing social development in rural communities.
  • Networking inside and outside of Egypt.
  • Providing the members with access to comprehensive and continuously updated knowledge database with information and self-learning materials on subject specific topics in digital form.